Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Goodbyes are hard when you are bidding farewell to a loved one. You can't escape the harsh facts, if your saying goodbye, it isn't going to be easy. Today i was on my way out of school when i saw my friends in tears as they waved goodbye to their best friend, not to be seen for an unidentified length of time. They were upset that they wouldn't get to see her as much as they used to, but i believe the real reason for the tears, is they don't get to decide if they see her as much, because the choice has been taken out of their hands. I thought about them as i walked home, is it harder to say goodbye or to not have the chance to wave them down the road? When i saw my friends say goodbye to this girl they were exchanging hugs, cards, gifts, but most of all tears. When you are remembering someone you remember you most recent memory of them, the girl who was leavings most recent memory of her friends will be tears. For me personally it doesn't matter if you are leaving to heaven, hell, California, you never want leave with tears in your eyes. Saying goodbye, it could be seen as the hardest thing one has to do, but when it comes to that time, 'Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened.'

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  1. This is so true, I will miss her but at least I can smile at the memories we shared! x
    Also sorry I didn't get to help you out today, this might help you though until science tomorrow!