Tuesday, 12 June 2012

I never really realised it before, but in the subconscious of our brains we are motivated to follow trends. By trends i don't mean jeggings or clogs, i mean anything that someone else does. So i never noticed this until this morning. I was on my way to school and i stopped to wait for the lights to change, it was taking a little while but it never crossed my mind to walk without the motivation of the green man. Well apparently it crossed someones mind because a young lady, obviously on her way to work (maybe running late) looked left and right, took a calculated risk and crossed. After this lady crossed, let's call her working lady, a second lady decided that if the working lady can cross, so can she. It took her around 30 seconds but she decided she would follow the trend. Once two people had stepped out onto the road it seemed almost 'the norm' for a older man to the cross the same road, with the same risk, but didn't look left, nor right. So this left me on the side of the road, running late for school, i stepped out onto the road. It's not as if i even thought about it, my mind didn't move, but my feet did. I again, just like the older man, did not check the road for signs of cars. Once a trend has been set, you follow it, you don't mean to, you don't try to, you just do. Later in the day i began to think about the way i crossed the road that morning, it was totally foolish right, a risk i decided to take without evaluating the situation. Working lady evaluated the risk of crossing the road, but after her the worry of getting hit slipped everyones mind and it seemed instinct to cross the road. What i am getting at with this is that trendsetting, whether it be wearing jeggings or crossing a road, you can't stop it, it's part of our everyday life now, it's up to you if you want if you want to follow the trend or be the trend setter.

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  1. Amber, this is such a great post, everything you have written (so beautifully too!) is so true! xx